Amber Heard Silenced Rumor With Her Witty Reply

amber heard

After losing the defamation case last June against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Amber Heard moved to Spain. Her haters commented how she went under the veil after her true self surfaced. Johnny Depp fans and the world hated her.

She framed him in every way possible. The whole world witnessed how she crushed him from the inside. Johnny Depp lost a contract with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He has stated during the trial how he has lost everything. He built Jack Sparrow from scratch. He lost everything. The truth surfaced late when it was too late. Haters say she perhaps isn’t done being fake.

Amber Heard Did Exactly What She Was Supposed To Do, Moved On

Amber Heard was dying to start fresh. Away from all the hate. She has moved to Spain with her two years old daughter.

A viral tiktok video showed where she is talking to a reporter in fluent Spanish. She mentioned how much she loves staying in Spain. She has shifted her focus from things draining her to things making her happy and satisfied.

Amber Heard felt she was mistreated in her own country. The judge didn’t let the truth win. She has said this before. It was a disappointing experience for her. The trial was exhausting. Hence she and Johnny Depp reached a settlement to drop their appeals. She wanted a fresh start. She left all those painful memories behind in the US. 

She was the victim, not her husband. She has films on the horizon. And she definitely has no immediate future moving to the US. Her daughter lives with her in Spain. Within months she has mastered the Spanish language. When she was talking to the reporters she sounded like a native speaker.