Tim Allen Gives A Word On Toy Story 5 To Go Beyond Infinity

Tim Allen

The news of the Toy Story legacy continuing beyond infinity was reacted by Buzz Lightyear and a fifth version is soon to be released. Disney has announced sequels of Frozen 3, Zootopia 2, and Toy Story 5 to be made. Tim Allen cannot control his excitement like us and is ready to travel to the world of toys voicing the space ranger yet again.

Tim Allen, since 1995 has been playing the role of Lightyear and excited he went to Twitter when the news of Toy Story 5 was announced. He also made his point that he would be meeting his partner Woody played by Tom Hanks. He also added an image of Andy’s legendary present.

It is clear that the two inseparable friends are yet to travel to another adventure in the upcoming years. Although the fans are super excited about the announcement and being blessed with another opportunity to witness their favorite animated astronaut and cowboy. Though the fans are engulfed with curiosity with the climax of Toy Story 4 that appeared the Toys walking off in their own separate ways. 

Tim Allen Comments On The Rumors Regarding The Release Of Toy Story 5

Rumors had been swirling regarding the release of Toy Story 5 and Hanks had waved off the rumors telling that Allen and he are good pals since they had worked together for years now and catching up on lunch doesn’t mean the cooking up of the release. However, the rumors did not turn out to be false and Disney has finally released the news of the upcoming sequels. Now the excitement is about apart from Tom Hanks and Tim Allen what are the other members of the cast that would join the toy team?