Amelia Hamlin Clamors In Disbelief At Mom’s Video

amelia hamlin
amelia hamlin

Lisa Rinna’s two daughters were embarrassed when she posted a video of them dancing. They weren’t very happy with the post that went viral. Amelia Hamlin wrote on her mom’s Instagram account that the performance was personal and not to be uploaded.

Amelia Hamlin told the star of Real Housewives…that it was for her and not to be posted on the internet. Her 58-year-old mom neatly told her daughter that that is what she did.

In the initial post on TikTok by the founder of Rinna Beauty on Christmas Day, Amelia Hamlin and Delilah, three years her senior at 23, are seen dancing to Do Ya Think I’m Sexy by Rod Stewart. They are seen wearing pajamas and Santa Claus hats.

The two sisters are seen in their home amidst Christmas decorations. Eyal Booker, Delilah’s boyfriend, stood behind and matched steps with the sisters.

The former contestant of Love Island also did not share in the enthusiasm of Amelia Hamlin’s mom. ‘Haha, oh no,’ Eyal exclaimed on the Clip shared by Rinna.

Amelia Hamlin And Sister Appreciative Of Another Clip From Their Christmas Celebration

But though the sisters were mortified at the fund clip posted by their mom, others were enthused. Dorit Kesley, Rinna’s costar on Real Housewives said that it was great after watching the clip of her daughters.

Though Amelia expressed mock horror at the impromptu clip being aired as she danced to the British singer hit song from 1978, she was appreciative of another video shared by her mom. She wished all a Merry Christmas commenting on the whole family swaying to Last Christmas by Wham.

The family was joined in the fun by the family of Eyal Booker for Christmas and Shabbat celebrations a day before Christmas.

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