Insecure Series Finale: Life Goes On And ‘Everything’s Gonna Be, Okay?’


Dreams can come true and the finale of Insecure confirms that though it might not be exactly like one envisaged it. The final episode of the final season shows that at times we need to explore the things that continue to haunt us and this is what happens in the lives of the characters we have come to love.

The finale of Insecure ended like a great book as the long-running series gives the characters all that they wished for, albeit after some trouble.

The final episode of Insecure starts where we last left off. Issa is on her way home, accompanied by Nathan. He fought with Lawrence at Tiffany’s going away party. He breaks up will Issa as he drops her off. Teary-eyed, he says that he had been wrong, and the relationship was not meant to be. It was a step back for him.

Nathan preferred his sanity over the messiness that Issa’s toxicity brought into his life. He learns to care for himself. Realization dawns that Issa constantly triggers him and he needs to hold back. He doesn’t want to be part of Issa’s open-ended relationship with Lawrence. Issa takes the breakup in stride and heads home. She doesn’t want to fight it.

The next day dawns with Molly showering her with love and food. She wants the best for her friend, unaware that Nathan has already broken up with her.

Insecure Speaks Of Being Strong Enough To Accept The Unexpected

Issa is in a reflective mood in the bathroom. She realizes that she is down and has nowhere to go from here. She tells her reflection that she wants to fast-forward her life to the part where everything has finally been resolved.

Thankfully for Issa, life takes just that turn that she wishes for. We find ourselves at Molly’s birthday. her mother is there, so is her sibling, Taurean, and her parents. It would be the last birthday that Molly would be celebrating with her mother. Molly encourages Issa to go for her growth.

Molly has found her people, and so has her friend, Issa. Nathan shows up and he and Issa resolve their differences and realize that they are not meant for each other and break up in peace.

Issa finally ends up with Lawrence at the end of Insecure. She does away with all the notions she had of herself and the expectation she thought her friends had for her. Molly gets married. The friends in Insecure come to realize that being open about the unexpected is a form of strength. We need to choose confidence over our insecurities and remain as we move forward in life.