Amy Schneider, ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion, Robbed Over The Weekend

Amy Schneider

The record-breaking ‘Jeopardy!’ champ recently tweeted that her phone, credit cards, and ID were stolen. Amy Schneider has shared this unfortunate piece of news with her fans. She has lately risen to immense fame after she was dubbed as the highest-earning woman contestant of the popular show, ‘Jeopardy!’. 

Amy Schneider was previously a manager in engineering in Oakland in California. However, things have taken a turn in her life and she created history the previous month. She was declared as the very first transgender contestant who has qualified for the Tournament of Champions. 

Amy Schneider Robbed 

The robbery that Amy Schneider was subjected to took place a few days after her 21st consecutive victory on the game show. She also broke all records made by winners among women that were held by Julia Collins, the winner in 2014. So far, Schneider has almost 24 wins. 

Schneider made a tweet on Monday evening informing them that she is absolutely alright. On the other hand, she was robbed and has lost her credit cards, phone, and identity proof. She further added that this incident was horrifying and she has not been able to sleep well at night. Moreover, she has also been worried and had to do several things to recover her lost items. 

The game show, ‘Jeopardy!’ has reached out to her and offered their support. 

The Oakland Police force has remarked that they investigating the matter but have not been able to identify the robber. The spokesperson of the police has stated that there have been no arrests yet. 

Schneider has earned both fame and money on the show. She has also shown support for the trans community but she does not want people to solely focus on her gender identity. She has also thanked everyone for their support and love.