This Is Us Premieres For Its Final Season

This is Us
This is Us

For all the fans of This Is Us, the Pearson train is about to leave the station, and most of us are walking along with the rest. The final season would bring the premiere first, called The Challenger. The episode starts with a flashback to the morning of Jan 28, 1986, and the audience will see Jack and Rebecca bustling about in the kitchen- as they were getting ready for the day ahead.

Soon, their kids come down, and breakfast seems to be the main priority for all. Rebecca seems to have mixed up a pitcher of Tang for the later part of the day- when The Challenger space shuttle would be launched. Before Jack leaves, he asks the kids to pay close attention to the liftoff- for he wanted to know everything. 

This Is Us Final Season Gets Existential

But this is the point when This Is Us takes a very existential point of view. The Challenger explodes soon after launch, and the tragedy leaves a major mark on the Pearson kids. Randall worries that the children of Christa McAuliffe- who was aboard the shuttle- wouldn’t have someone to make them dinner at night. Kate hears their teachers crying at the tragedy- and this reminds them that their parents would die one day too- a very existential way to look at life as a child. 

In the present, This is Us focuses on Kate, Randall, and Kevin’s 41st birthday. As Randall is waiting for Beth, Tess, Annie, and Deja to bring him pancakes in bed, he receives an email from the police which states that they have finally arrested the man who broke into their house the previous season. And interestingly, the man has the wedding photo of Randall and Beth.

The premiere of This is Us has a lot more surprises, especially when Rebecca ends up bringing out a secret that had been kept confidential over the seasons. 


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