Analyzing QGEN Stock After A Release Of Prospective FY2021 Earnings


QIAGEN (NYSE: QGEN) has very recently released the earnings guidance for the financial year of 2021 on 8th December, Tuesday. According to the report, the guidance of EPS is ranging between $2.42 and $2.45 for the FY21. Similarly, consensus estimates made by Thomson Reuters is $2.47.

QGEN has also released the guidance for the revenue which is ranging between +18% and +20% year-over-year which is $2.20 to $2.23 B. The consensus estimate of the revenue is $2.06 B.

The EPS is seen to range from 2.13 to 2.14 for the present fiscal year of 2020.

Valuation Of QGEN Stock

Deutsche Bank has promoted the rating of QGEN to ‘buy’ with an increase in price target to $60 from $32. The Street has demoted it to a rating of c+ from b. ValuEngine decreased the rating to ‘sell’. Bank of America promoted it to a rating of ‘buy’ with a target price of $59. Kepler Capital has promoted it to a rating of ‘buy’. Presently, QGEN has an average ‘hold’ rating with a $50.72 price target.

On Tuesday, QIAGEN stock started in the stock market at a value of $48.95 with a market cap of $11.15 B. The current, quick, and debt-equity ratios are 1.71, 1.50, and 0.53, respectively.

The average 50-day moving rate is $48.57 while the average 200-day moving rate is $47.97. The P/E and PEG ratio is 1,631.67 and 1.46, respectively while the beta is 0.31. The lowest for the QGEN stock in the last 52 weeks is $30.23 and the highest is $55.27.

According to the 27th October report, the company’s quarterly EPS earnings was $0.58 that surpassed Thomson Reuters’s estimate by $0.02. Their revenue was $483.76 M with a 0.86%  total margin and 15.85% equity return.