‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Concerned With The Behavior Of Pat Sajak

Wheel Of Fortune
Wheel Of Fortune

Pat Sajak has raised concerns after displaying “testy” behavior with recent contestants of Wheel of Fortune. It all started last month with a meltdown between Pat Sajak and Darin McBain, a contestant on the show, who had problems with one of the answers during a round. After Darin argued over a winning phrase called “kitchen oven”, Pat yelled at him and called him an ungrateful player. However, Sajak apologized to him while admitting that he snapped during the show.

While joking with Greg, a contestant on the show, Pat was caught giving Greg a sassy look last week on Wheel Of Fortune. On another episode, when Sheryl, another contestant who was promoting Sporting Goods of Dick was clapped by Pat. Pat Sajak then told Sheryl who was apologetic, not to interrupt him and a plug. Pat asked her to do everything else but interrupt him.

Online fans stated their concerns and they also pleaded with Sajak for checking his attitude. One fan asked him to be kinder and gentler towards the contestants. In reaction to the incident with Greg, one fan tweeted how Pat is running the whole show almost and how they wait for the moment when he gets angry and says something condescending. Very unusual and testy behavior from Pat during the last two episodes remarked different fans.

Opinions Of Wheel Of Fortune Fans

On the other side, many viewers on Twitter are on Pat’s defense. They believe that it is not a huge deal and he is just joking around.

They think that Pat is the perfect host for Wheel Of Fortune and while some of the contestants are rude and loud, Pat alone keeps the show humorous and interesting. They have termed the dissatisfied fans as being testy people.

In the meantime, Sajak has not commented and stayed quiet with all these online noises.