Andrew Yang Declares Candidacy For Mayor Of New York With Shocking Endorsement


Andrew Yang, a former presidential democratic candidate officially declared his candidacy for becoming New York’s mayor on the morning of Thursday. At a rally in Manhattan, Andrew made promises of reviving a city afflicted by the pandemic and of introducing Ritchie Torres,newly-elected Republican as the campaign’s co-chair which comes across as a shocking endorsement for Andrew who has zero experience and fame amidst city politics.

Yang told his Upper Manhattan supporters that he is running for the post of mayor for the simple reason that he is currently witnessing a crisis in the city and he is confident of helping in any way he can. Before the primary of 2020, Andrew Yang remained unknown outside his tech circles but he won the support and affection of Democrats because the Democrats appreciated his warrior happy persona on his campaign trail and the stage of the debate.

Andrew Yang Has The Support Of Democrats After He Campaigned For Them

He was also supported by the brand of his supporters called the “Yang Gang”.This brand has helped Andrew Yang raise around $40 million for his candidate run including one shocking $16.5M at a time when the race for the position got heated up in 2019’s last 3 months. Andrew Yang filed his paperwork for running for the post of mayor only a few weeks before when he was seen running his campaign in Georgia in favor of the Democrats.

The Democrats won the run-off campaigns for the Senate and delivered their party a major win and majority inside the Senate. On Thursday, during his speech, Andrew Yang said that John Ossoff, Senator-elect called him one night before for thanking him regarding his help. After leaving his presidential race, Andrew founded a nonprofit called Humanity Forward for testing some of his ideas that he used for animating his campaign.


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