Andrew Saul Fired By President Biden

Andrew Saul
Andrew Saul

Andrew Saul, the commissioner of social security of the administration of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, got fired. This took place after he did not agree on submitting the papers of his resignation. The resignation had actually been requested by the Democratic president. The incident took place this Friday. This information was given by the White House.

Andrew Saul’s Violations

The White House gave a more detailed account of the incident. Andrew Saul was not the only top official who was asked for a resignation from the President. There was one more with him. Both of them belonged to the same administration of social security. David Black, another Deputy Commissioner was asked to do the same. And following the directions of President Joe Buden, he submitted his resignation which later got accepted.

On the workings of Andrew Saul, the White House gave a statement reflecting the issues that were met. It was stated that the commissioner committed numerous blunders in service. They include him politicizing and undermining the disability benefits of the entire department of social security. In addition to that, he also stands accused of terminating the telework policy of the agency. The telework policy was used by about 25% of the workforce of the agency. The list goes on and on.

Andrew Saul also did nothing to repair the relationship of SSA with the employees of the Federal union. This issue had taken place with regard to the case of the safety planning of the coronavirus pandemic. To sum it all, the first commissioner of the department did everything that went against the plannings of the administration of President Joe Biden. He also took those measures that were completely against the missions of the concerned agency. Kilolo Kijakazi has been appointed as the acting commissioner of the agency by the president. However, nobody has been appointed to the office of the deputy commissioner.