Stillwater Surprisingly Reveals Matt Demon As The Mission Man


Stillwater surprisingly revealed Matt Demon as the main mission man in the movie. The drama-themed movie performed quite well, however it did have its unevenness. A detailed review of the movie is given below.

Stillwater: A Bumpy Journey With Full Of Surprises

The scene starts with Matt standing amidst the ruins of a tornado devastated house. Matt Demon plays the role of daily wage labor in the film.

The movie Stillwater portrays the character’s turmoil of life with various issues. Marital tension, Financial Scarcity, Addiction towards alcohol & Association with Crime seemed to plague the life of Bill Baker(played by Matt Demon)

The story hinted towards the famous case of Meredith Kercher but the writers of the film did not give any direct statement. The film sees Bill assigned to a construction duty in Marseille. This is where he is supposed to meet his daughter, who has just completed her imprisonment. She reportedly had killed her love interest to serve five years behind bars.

Bill was asked by his daughter to help her reopen the case. A faint lead was found when a character named Akim was suspected to have connections with the murder. 

Against all the odds, Bill finds an ally in Virginie, who was a guide in France. They together explored new possibilities regarding the case. A development of adorable emotion also brewed between the two.

Stillwater was first screened at the Cannes in the present week. This film stands out in many ways. The audiences’ ability to connect with the character of Bill being one of them. There is the historic location of Marseille, the tension, contradictions on one hand. On the other, we have a very slim humorous approach, compassion, love, and kindness that makes Stillwater a perfect blend.