Andrew Tate Accused Of Rape And Human Trafficking In Romania

Andrew Tate

On Tuesday, June 20, controversial celebrity and boxer Andrew Tate was arrested and charged with rape, trafficking in human beings, and organizing a “criminal gang to sexually exploit women” in Romania. Additionally charged are his brother Tristan Tate and a further two of their associates. In December 2022, Andrew and Tristan were both taken into custody at their Bucharest house.  

According to The Guardian, Tristan Tate, Andrew Tate’s brother, has been charged with inciting violence while Andrew Tate has been accused of raping one of the women.

Andrew Tate And His Brother Charged With Multiple Crimes 

The trial involving the Tate brothers is not anticipated to begin right away, according to The Guardian, as per Romanian legislation, the matter is referred to a preliminary chamber where a judge reviews it for 60 days.

According to sources, four of the accused have been charged with organizing a “criminal group” in 2021 to engage in people trafficking, among other nations, in Romania, the UK, and the USA. The victims were reportedly persuaded by the Tate brothers who made promises of love and/or marriage. According to The Guardian, Andrew and Tristan are the two most well-known defendants facing a human trafficking prosecution in Romania.

Former kickboxers Andrew and Tristan Tate hold British and American citizenship, respectively. The pair, especially Andrew Tate, are well-known for their misogynistic content, “dating” advice, and business guidance and have millions of followers on social media platforms. Andrew Tate was banned from all social media sites in 2022, but after Elon Musk became the company’s CEO, he was allowed to rejoin Twitter.