Super Bowl Commercial Features John Travolta And His Daughter Ella Dancing On ‘Grease’ Routine

John Travolta
John Travolta

According to the latest news, John Travolta and Ella Travolta, his daughter pay homage to the ageless movie Grease in a recent Super Bowl ad.

Fans’ description of this movie goes as far as this: an irresistible kitsch classic that immediately has you forgiving all of its obvious flaws. The movie had brought up a series of controversies back in its days. It was declared to be “sexist” in its portrayal recently. Despite that, a young John Travolta and the movie continues to remain a part of the history of pop culture. Interestingly enough, it is churning up controversies even today, decades after its release in 1978.

According to some Grease critics, the movie hasn’t aged well. They say that the film plays on several stereotypes, for instance the “good girl”, “bad girl”, “cool guy” stereotypes. However, Olivia Newton-John who plays Sandy in the film, comes to its defense against the movie’s Twitter haters. She clapped back by saying that the allegations against the film are “kind of silly”. People need to relax to enjoy things for what they are, she mentioned.

Daughter Ella Excited To Able To Share Dance With Her Father, John Travolta

Following this, John Travolta, Newton-John’s co-star in the film, also spoke up defending the film. He, along with his daughter Ella, paid homage to Grease in a commercial for the Super Bowl. The ad aired this February making it certain that this movie has enough staying power even though it has several fan clubs and hate clubs.

The ad shows the father-daughter duo performing the same dance that John Travolta performed with co-star Olivia during the popular school dance scene.

Daughter Ella Travolta mentioned in an interview after the commercial that has caught everyone’s attention that both of them love sharing dances together. She further shares her excitement to have the opportunity to feature in a Super Bowl commercial with her father, John Travolta.

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