Andrew Yang Faces Backlash For Vendor Tweet


The citizens of New York have recently come together in order to extend their support to Elsa who is popularly known as the ‘Churo Lady’. This mainly due to the latest controversial tweet made by Andrew Yang on 11th April, Sunday.

Andrew Yang is the Democrat mayoral candidate. On Sunday he made a tweet in which he asked for more stringent enforcement action to be taken against the street vendors who are primarily unlicensed.

NY People Against Andrew Yang Tweet

The City Council has provided more liberal permits instead of greater enforcement towards some of New York’s poorest entrepreneurs in January 2021. This decision was motivated by the incident that took place in November 2019. The cops of Brooklyn had seized the churro cart of Elsa in a subway station in Broadway Junction. This forceful action on behalf of the cops towards street vendors broke many hearts and provoked this lenient decision.

On the other hand, Andrew Yang tweeted on Sunday stating that NYC must enforce more strict rules to support the licensed vendors and retailers. In addition, the unlicensed vendors on the streets must face severe actions.

Later a spokesperson of Andrew Yang explained that he demanded the protection of licensed vendors who do so much to survive in such difficult times. However, he mentioned nothing about what was meant by ‘enforcement’.

Although the January bill was celebrated as the end to penal measures against unlicensed vendors, Yang considered the bill as imperfect. Many further argued that this bill will greatly help in ending the black market dealings among vendors who are otherwise charged an exorbitant amount of money from cops.

Nonetheless, Yang continues to face severe backlash from the common people, vendors’ associations, and his political opponents over his latest tweet.

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