John Cornyn Scorned for Asking If Biden Is Really In-Charge

John Cornyn
John Cornyn

John Cornyn is a Senator of the United States of America. He is a Republican and originally belongs from Texas. Recently John Cornyn has managed to draw some attention over his latest series of tweets on 12th April. Monday.

His tweets mainly targeted the media strategy of Joe Biden, US President. He explicitly asks if the President is really in charge of his media presence and planning. His tweet further stated that Biden has not done any interviews for the cable news as of yet. He also claimed that he makes a limited number of tweets from his official account and he does, his tweets are invariably unconventional.

John Cornyn also mentions that the public comments seem extremely scripted. Moreover, Biden has preferred for much less one-on-one interviews with the reporters and outlets of mainstream media houses.

John Cornyn Questions Biden’s Media Strategy

John Cornyn asked Biden if he is actually in charge of his media strategy and interaction. Furthermore, he even invited questions related to this controversial query of his directed against Biden.

On the other hand, critics have started attacking this tweet that has been massively retweeted and received umpteen replies and likes within a short span of time.

Jen Psaki, the press Secretary of the White House, has responded to Cornyn’s tweet. She has confirmed that the President is invested in spending time productively working for the people of America. Moreover, she added that Biden does not waste his time by tweeting meaningless conspiracy theories.

Psaki’s response was directed towards the tweets of Donald Trump, former US president, who frequently tweeted misleading and false claims. This often resulted in the flagging of his tweets and regular ban from various social media platforms.

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