Angelina Jolie Appears For Eternals Premiere

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most ornamented actresses in Hollywood. Apart from being an excellent artist, she is also a great filmmaker. Jolie has also become an activist for Human and Woman Rights. She recently visited the White House to carry out discussions regarding a political issue. 

Jolie has been the most paid star in Hollywood several times. She boasts of an Academy Award & has won the Golden Globe thrice. Angelina Jolie was selected for the upcoming Marvel movie “Eternals”. Marvel has decided to incorporate the Eternals in their cinematic universe. After the end of the previous phase, Marvel wanted to expand their universe. 

Jolie will be playing the character of Thena in the upcoming movie. She was spotted at the premiere of the movie recently. Let us find out more about the event below. 

Angelina Jolie Arrives At Premiere With Kids

Marvel had the premiere for their upcoming release recently. The movie “Eternals” has been hyped up significantly. One of the main characters in the film, Thena, is portrayed by Jolie. She was spotted at the event looking gorgeous as always. Jolie has always been known to have a great sense of style. She also took her kids alongside in the event. 

Jolie stated in an interview that she and her kids followed a vintage theme. Maddox(20) was the eldest and flaunted a classy look with a suit. Vivienne(13) wore a white dress and matched it with a cardigan. Zahara(16) sported one of her mother’s dresses. She wore a silver dress which Jolie donned at the Academy Awards of 2014. Shiloh(15) was spotted wearing an asymmetric dress while Knox(13) wore a blazer. The blazer was darkish green in color and was paired with pants & a skirt.