Anna Kournikova Celebrates Kids’ Birthday In Style

Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova is a well-known name in the tennis circuit. She was known for her exceptional talent in tennis. Kournikova played a number of matches as a professional tennis player. She also won several trophies that added to her glory. However, she retired from tennis and decided to focus on the glamour world. She became a famous name in the fashion world. 

Anna is currently married to Enrique Iglesias. The couple seems to be the happiest couple at the moment. They have spent many happy memories with each other. Anna and Enrique gave birth to twins a few years ago. Both the children have grown now. The family celebrated their birthday recently. Both Lucy and Nicholas turned four this Thursday. Both Kournikova and Enrique have celebrated their kids’ birthdays in style. 

Anna Kournikova shared some snapshots from the birthday party. The former tennis star posted four pictures on her Instagram handle. There were a couple of pictures of each of their two kids. Anna wrote a simple caption for the post. She posted “4”, which was followed by a red heart. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Anna Kournikova Flaunts Her Children On Instagram

Anna Kournikova seems to be enjoying parenting very much. Both Anna & Enrique opted to keep themselves private. The couple usually stays away from posting and showing off in public. However, it was a special occasion that needed to be flaunted. Enrique also commented on the pictures shared by Kournikova. He posted several heart emojis to express his love for his children. 

Anna Kournikova had also posted an adorable video of her children. The video saw their kids enjoying themselves in a toy car. Kournikova posted the video three months back to celebrate Enrique’s new release. 

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