Paul Rudd’s Unbelievable Reaction To One Of The Greatest Shows Of All Time

paul rudd

At the beginning of his career, he was struggling like everyone else and still finds it hard to believe that he actually landed in Friends. Paul Rudd still finds it surreal to believe that he stayed till the last episode of friends, and watched the purple door close. 

Closing that door was the most heartbreaking moment of everyone’s lives, including fans worldwide. Many still want to watch friends as if watching the for the first time and not knowing the ending. Friends taught life, they were there through everything, and the show is therapeutic itself.

Paul Rudd Captured The Last Moment In His Camera

He was thrilled to be on Friends, every emotion went through his veins. Paul Rudd still gets the chills that he actually ended up bagging a show of a lifetime. He appeared on the show as Mike Hannigan, Phoebe Buffay’s blind date which Joey was supposed to bring. Mike was last minute set up for Pheobe.

Nostalgia hits him that he actually stayed till the last one, after joining the cast in the penultimate season. It was a privilege to be there. Paul Rudd chose to sit back and rather witness the ending himself, and he captured the moment in his video camera. His wedding with Phoebe on the street was everything he was looking for. And the last scene make Paul Rudd cry, as much as it made cry the whole crew of friends.

And Paul Rudd’s career took off, as everyone started loving Mike as much as Phoebe. Now he is leading role in MCU, and his recent release Ant-man, roaring in the theatres. Paul Rudd’s new show is coming on Hulu Only Murders in The Building, he will be joining Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin.