Anthony Bouchard, The Wyoming Senator, Reveals His Dark Past

Anthony Bouchard
Anthony Bouchard

Anthony Bouchard, the politician belonging to the Republican party, told the story behind his marriage to one of the local newspapers this Thursday. It was revealed that he married his wife when she was just 14 years old and he was 18. The state senator from Wyoming also revealed the reason behind this. He stated that it was because his wife was pregnant with his child at that time. This took place when the two were living in the state of Florida.

Anthony Bouchard’s Story

The Wyoming senator belonging to the Republican party stated that the only reason why they could get married was that the law of the state of Florida allowed them to. According to the law, a judge was given the power to give permission for the marriage if it carried the consent of the parents and if it involved the case of pregnancy. As of now, child marriage got banned in the state according to the law which was brought about in the year 2018. However, there are a couple of narrow exceptions for the ones who are 17 years of age.

This private story of Anthony Bouchard went viral after the senator took to the social media platform, Facebook. He revealed it by himself this Thursday. The reason why he disclosed his private affairs was because he got the information about the news that some unnamed reporter was trying to investigate on him. And this was a part of the research carried out by the political opposition. Currently, Anthony Bouchard is running against the seat of Liz Cheney, the Representative belonging to the Republican party.

The senator further revealed that he was not very close with his son. He stated that he divorced his wife after three years of marriage. His wife was 20 years old when she committed suicide. Anthony Bouchard directly challenged his opponents claiming that he would not back down.