Anthony Bourdain’s Raw Documentary, “Roadrunner”

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain, the popular American chef, got his share of fame when he was 40-years-old. Not many people are aware of this fact. He has a book that is based on his journey as a cook and the messy and sweaty moments of struggle that he went through along the way. The name of the book is Kitchen Confidential and it became very famous. It was one of the bestsellers. The chef found out about the success of his book over a phone call.

As stated, the late chef splashed water on his face when he first heard it. A camera was already recording this special moment and now it is one of the scenes of a new documentary, Roadrunner, that is based on Anthony Bourdain. The documentary tells the tale of the late chef through his success, fame, and death. 

Anthony Bourdain’s Journey

The Roadrunner covers about 20 years of the life of the celebrity chef. It is mostly based on the life of Anthony Bourdain after he rose to fame than his pre-fame journey and his childhood days. The documentary aims to tell that part of the story that was never relieved to the world, the part of him nobody thought existed. The show includes so many close people who were an important part of the life of Anthony Bourdain.

However, it does not involve Asia Argento, the last girlfriend of the celebrity chef. It also does not include Nancy Putkoski, his first wife. The rest of the members who are a part of the Roadrunner documentary are his partners, friends, brother, and his second wife. All of them tell their part of the story and the experiences that they had with the chef. The good thing about the documentary is that it is very raw. It shows exactly what he was as he goes through different phases in his life. 

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