Anthony Gonzalez, The Ohio Republican, Got Censured And More

Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez

The central committee of the Republican Party of the state of Ohio took decisive action against Anthony Gonzalez, the Congressman belonging to the same party. They carried out the votes in order to censure him. The vote was also for the call for the Representative’s resignation. It took place this Friday. 

As per the members of the central committee of the state party and one of its spokesperson, the reason behind this step has a strong link with Donald Trump, the former President of the country from the Republican party. It was stated that Anthony Gonzalez had voted for the impeachment of the former President at the beginning of this year. 

Anthony Gonzalez Is Facing The Consequence Of Offending Trump

The state of Ohio has been a constant supporter of the Republican party for the last few years. The former President has been winning the elections in the state both in the years 2016 and in 2020. But the step of the party to go against the Republican Congressman only shows the influence of Donald Trump over the party. It also shows a shift within the political nature of the people of Ohio who once came under the banner of  “moderates.” 

Shannon Burns, one of the members of the central committee, gave a statement following the vote against the Republican. It was stated that the committee had also censured a total of nine other members of the party belonging to the other states. Burns is also one of the outspoken critics of Anthony Gonzalez.

The Republicans of Ohio had made the plan of censuring the Congressman and the other Republicans of the House this Friday. However, the resolution with regard to the resignation of Anthony Gonzalez was introduced primarily in the meeting that took place. Following that, the voting proceeded. This news was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Ohio Republican Party.