Katie Hobbs, The Arizona Democrat, To Be Provided With Protection Following Death Threats

Katie Hobbs
Katie Hobbs

Katie Hobbs, the secretary of the state of Arizona, will now be extended protection from the department of public safety of the state of Arizona. This takes place following the death threats she has been receiving on a constant basis due to the ongoing audit of the election in the county of Maricopa. 

The 51-year-old political and social worker from the Democratic party was one of the opponents who advocated against the audit. The audit was demanded by the state senators belonging to the Republican party. It began to take place in the month of April even after the fact that two audits have already taken place prior to this. It is being conducted by the election officials in charge. In the previous audits, no such evidence was found with regard to the issues of fraud or any such irregularities. 

Katie Hobbs On “Fraudit”

The press secretary of Katie Hobbs, C. Murphy Hebert, gave a statement with regard to the death threats that were subjected towards her. The office of the Democratic election audit opponent had contacted the office of Doug Ducey, the Governor in order to make a request for her security issues. This news was released by the office this Thursday. 

Katie Hobbs took to the social media platform, Twitter, in order to talk about the audit and the way it was affecting the state of Arizona. The tweet stated that the audit, that is taking place, or “fraudit” was undermining the belief people carried in the system of election. She added that Arizona was the kind of a state where people settle after working throughout their lives, people choose the state in order to raise families, however, the audit was making a joke out of the state. Katie Hobbs claimed that it was harmful both for businesses as well as the brand.