Trump Wants Judge Tanya Chutkan To Recuse Herself

Tanya Chutkan

And now Donald Trump wants a change of judge in his 2020 election interference case. In a filing, attorneys for Trump argued that Judge Tanya Chutkan. The disgraced president is back to his old pranks as he desperately tries to divert issues. The motion to debar D.C. Federal Judge Chutkan was filed on Monday. Though an Obama appointee, she was randomly chosen to oversee his trial for criminally contriving to upturn the presidential election results in 2020.

The move to recuse Tanya Chutkan is not his first attempt. It’s a move that he tried earlier and lost. And he is sure to lose again, though he hopes to buy some time and put the legal system by indulging again in such antics. Tanya Chutkan is an even-handed and seasoned trial judge. She was confirmed by an overwhelming 95-0 vote in the Senate in 2014. And in the skewered view of Trump, none can stay neutral. If someone is not totally for him, they must be against him. Trump is trying out this line of logic against Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Tanya Chutkan Has Been Accused By Trump Of ‘Bias’ While Sentencing January 6 Insurrectionists

Trump’s accusation of bias purportedly is reflected in reflections by Tanya Chutkan while sentencing rioters in the Capital case on January 6. But the law is clear in this case. The Supreme Court in a 1994 ruling said that opinions expressed by judges on the basis of their earlier cases should not be held against them and should not be termed as prejudice or bias.

Judge Tanya Chutkan had clearly stated during the sentencing of Robert Palmer, who was sentenced for assaulting police officers during the Capitol riots. She said that she had her opinions about the proceeding and judgment, but that was irrelevant. The present case against Trump is about his attempt to interfere with the election results that declared Joe Biden the winner and the failed conspiracy behind it.