Apple’s new cheap iPhone is an incredible value

Apple unveils its new phone, the iPhone SE. It’s supposed to be the best bet for people right now, in need of a new phone. This was the first time Apple gave out the news of its latest product without a glitzy press event. The phone is to be launched on Friday. 

Millions of people are losing their jobs, and a new iPhone might not top their priority list. The company was already warned that the pandemic might cause a lowering of its sales. 

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When most companies have started using slow processors and poor quality cameras to match the budget, the iPhone has come up with a unique approach. They have used the case of the iPhone 8 and have packed it with modern internal components. The phone will also support all the high energy games that expensive apple products do. The iPhone SE supports the fastest Gigabit 4G LTE networks which are available everywhere and the newest Wi-Fi 6 standard where it’s available. Often these networks are faster than the 5G networks available. 

However, the battery being smaller, the phone drains energy fast when streaming movies or playing games. Plus, if one enjoys the old headphone music instead of air pods, it’s bad news. The new iPhone does not have the headphone jack. 

iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro is fancier than the newest launch and with that more expensive too.