Canelo vs Saunders Ends With A TKO By Alvarez

canelo vs saunders

There was quite a bit of speculation going into the Canelo vs Saunders match-up. Several viewers were expecting Saunders to be the one to stop Canelo from becoming the super undisputed champion of the middleweight category. But it did not take long for Canelo Alvarez to lay those doubts to rest.

Proceedings Of Canelo vs Saunders Fight

After an adjustment in the middle of the match, Billy Joes Saunders was working to get back in the match. With a record of 30-1 and a total of 14 KOs, he was a tricky opponent. However, in the 8th Round, Alvarez landed an uppercut with his right which finished the Englishman for good. Canelo Alvarez currently has a record of 56 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses, and a total of 38 KOs.

Saunders’ right eye seemed to have swelled up from the damage. The Great Britain native reported to his corner that he had lost vision in the eye. Mark Calo-Oy, the referee, stopped the fight before the next round started.

With the win in the Canelo vs Saunders, Alvarez now holds the WBA, the WBC, and the WBO title simultaneously. Saunders was the previous holder of the WBO title. The Canelo vs Alvarez fight drew in an audience of 73,126 to Arlington’s AT&T Stadium, in Texas. It was a new global record for indoor boxing attendance.

After the Canelo vs Saunders fight, the Mexican said that he had already expected round 8 to be the latest development stage of the fight. However, he also said that the fight was easier than he expected. He credited the fact to his daily preparation.

At 168 pounds, Canelo Alvarez, 30, is now the reigning king of boxing when it comes to exchanging blows. When the fight was stopped, Alvarez was leading in all the scorecards: 78-74, 77-75, and 78-74.