Trump says immigration order will apply only to green cards and will last 60 days

President Donald Trump tweeted late on Monday saying that immigration will be temporarily suspended in America. On Tuesday he gave light to the tweet and said that the coming immigration order will apply only to people seeking for the green card, and will last for 60 days. The order will not affect the ones who are entering the country temporarily. 

He says this order will help secure the positions for Americans, by giving them a chance at employment once America reopens. He also suggested that there will be economic effects of the order and will “protect American workers”.

An administrative official notified that this order will not involve temporary visa holders, because that department is more complicated. Moreover, most of the work visas involve people, who have been helping America in various sectors such as food and health during this coronavirus pandemic. 

Trump said that he would review the executive order at the end of 60 days, and there might be a renewal depending on the result. 

The order seems to signify and build the topic of immigration which helped Trump win the 2016 election. He hopes to use the same card to be re-elected. His allies and campaign committee had already started to support the order based on the late-night tweet, even before the specific details had been provided.