Four Days Left For Qualifying California Residents: Apply For One-Time $4000 Stimulus Check 

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The state of California is providing a direct one-time stimulus check worth $4000 to eligible San Diego residents. Eligible residents can still apply for this check till May 21. The program Recovery Action Fund for Tomorrow started taking applications on May 8. This program is undertaken by the Jewish Family Service, a non-profit organization.

The residents of San Diego must fulfill the required criteria to receive this payment. A claimant must have a minor who is below 18 years of age. He or she must be either physically disabled or above  55 years of age, to be considered eligible for this payment. Other requirements are, either the claimant’s family income is below or at the 200 % poverty level of the federal government, or must be $29,160 for a family of one and $60,000 for a family with four members. 

Residents who intend to apply for this aid must reside in one of the 39 specified ZIP codes, of the San Diego County Health Equity. The recipients will be selected in a lottery, and payouts will be carried out in 2 parts. Part 1 of this stimulus check will be sent to prepaid debit cards throughout June, while part 2 of the payouts will be sent in August.

Where To Apply For This Stimulus Check? 

Interested applicants of this one-time $4000 direct stimulus check can either apply online on the designated website. Those who prefer in applying physically may pursue to do so at the Price Family YMCA and San Diego Central Library among other specified locations. Other programs in the state of California, also includes the Pathway to Income Equity of Sonoma County, which is providing 305 eligible families with stimulus check worth $500.