Patrick Chung Hangs Up His Cleats, Contrary To Earlier Decision

patrick chung
patrick chung

Patrick Chung, the veteran safety for New England Patriots, has made the announcement of his retirement on Thursday. The veteran safety for the Patriots had earlier intended to take part in the season after sitting out the 2020 campaign.

The news came out with an Instagram post by Chung where he talked about starting a new chapter in his life. The post thanked the Patriots, his family, his fans, and everyone involved with his career. He admitted that the decision brought him to tears. It included special mention of Bill Belichick for giving him his first break and throughout his 11 years at the club.

The Legacy Of Patrick Chung

The 2021 season would have marked Patrick Chung’s 12th professional NFL season. Of the 12, he has played 11 for the team. He has been a starter in 122 of the 153 regular-season games he has played, with an additional 23 playoff appearances.

He had been first drafted into the team in 2009, from the University of Oregon. Since then, he has gone on to be an integral member of three championship teams of New England. In 2013, he had played for the Philadelphia Eagles for one season. However, he had come back to the Patriots the following season because admittedly he did not want to play under anyone else other than Belichick.

Coach Belichick has often noted the player’s versatility, work ethic, and toughness. Patrick Chung currently holds the record for featuring in the playoff for 11 of his starting seasons. He had been featured in the 2010 Team of All-Decade for the New England Patriots.

Chung had decided to sit out last year because of family issues. He had stated in a past interview that currently there are more pressing matters than money and that his family needs him more. However, he had been seen exercising recently fuelling speculation that he would return for this season.

The team has no lack of depth at safety. Adrian Philips, Kyle Dugger, and Devin McCourty are all set to return for the position. They have also signed Jalen Mills, the Eagles defensive back who played safety the previous season.