Archaeologists discover the likely source of Stonehenge’s giant sarsen stones

The mystery behind Stonehenge’s giant sarsen stones might finally be solved. For centuries, archaeologists and scientists have debated regarding the location of the original mines from where these stones were brought to Stonehenge. On Wednesday, researchers apparently stuck gold- they have announced that it is very likely that the stones were brought from West Woods, near Marlborough- 15 miles from Stonehenge.

“MYSTERY SOLVED!” tweeted English Heritage, which looks after the site and contributed to the study. “We FINALLY (almost certainly…) know where Stonehenge’s giant sarsen stones come from!”

The famous stone monument built in a circle is said to contain two different types of stone. The smaller stones are known as bluestones- brought from the Preseli Hills in the Southwest of Wales. The stones which stand on these bluestones are the sarsen stones. Each one weighs up to 30 tonnes and stands 7 meters tall. For decades, scientists believed that the stones could be located somewhere in the vicinity of the West Woods. but they weren’t confirmed until now.

The shroud slowly started lifting after several missing stones started turning up. A core part of the stone, removed in 1958 by an excavations employee proved fundamental to the scientists piecing together parts of the puzzle when they finally got their location.


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