Chris Cuomo Allegedly Sexually Harassed Former Boss

chris cuomo
chris cuomo

CNN’s host Chris Cuomo had allegedly sexually harassed his ex-boss when he was working for ABC News. Cuomo is also the brother of Andrew Cuomo, who has been recently forced to relinquish his position as the Governor of New York.

The Accusations Against Chris Cuomo

The one who has brought forth the charges is Shelley Ross. As a journalist, Ross has worked for CBS and ABS as a producer. On Friday, an essay was published in the New York Times where she revealed the charges against Chris Cuomo.

She said that the incident happened in 2005. Cuomo had sexually harassed her while they were attending a party for a colleague at ABC who was going away. Ross was Chris Cuomo’s former executive producer at Primetime Live on ABC.

She wrote that Chris Cuomo had greeted her with a bear hug while touching her buttocks and squeezing them inappropriately. Allegedly, Cuomo had even told Ross that he could do such things because she was not his boss anymore. Ross also says that Cuomo had apologized via email after an hour, which was included in the essay. Cuomo had admitted to being ashamed and apologized to her noble and good husband and her too, in the e-mail.

Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo’s brother, had quit his post as the governor of New York back in August. He was embroiled in a scandal involving sexual harassment. The host on CNN was also criticized after it came to light that Chris had talked about the ways of handling the situation with the staff of the former governor. CNN had stated the behavior as “inappropriate” but no disciplinary actions were taken.

In the essay, Ross wrote that Chris Cuomo crossed the line. Thus, she now doubts how Chris views accountability and truth.