Arthur Breitman, The Co-Founder Of Tezos Discussed About DeFi

Arthur Breitman
Arthur Breitman

The co-founder of Tezos, the protocol of layer-1 also known as XTZ is Arthur Breitman who discussed the situation when the actual capability of DeFi will be unlocked. He discussed this with Jackson DuMont of the Cointelegraph the previous week at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS). At the Summit, he gave a very significant speech and after that shared his view in an interview about the strategy of the company. 

Arthur Breitman Suggested To Use Optimistic Rollups For Blockchain Issues

Arthur Breitman stated that the majority of the people did not tap into decentralized finance for the assets of the actual world being tokenized. The term ‘real or actual world’ means real estate, stocks, digital art forms, and many other assets. At the time of the merge of applications of DeFi and financial traditional securitization, he strongly hopes that NFTs financialization will be a huge thing in the future. 

Arthur Breitman agreed that a lot of attention is given to the NFTs and DeFi currently and hence to measure which one will be sustainable in the future is really hard. The actual power and potential of DeFi will be visible after this buzz ends. This is due to the fact that the whole objective of DeFi must not be to sell the tokens of DeFi. 

In the views of Arthur Breitman, a huge untapped world is waiting for people and they can grow and prosper easily. In the future, he is looking forward to seeing convergence on a huge scale in blockchain designs. He was also asked the question about security and decentralization issues along with scalability problems and he answered very calmly that these can be solved easily. 

Tezos deals with the scaling problem with Optimistic Rollups which is a solution of layer-2 that backs use cases that are very high-throughput. This solution provides both vertical and horizontal scalability of the networks of blockchain.