NFTs Are To Be Integrated With Instagram Soon, Mark Zuckerberg Confirms


Mark Zuckerberg of Meta has stated that the parent company would integrate NFTs soon with Instagram. He would not reveal more at SXSW but said that Instagram has plans to add NFTs to the platform even as the Instagram team resolves several technical issues.

Speaking to Daymond John of Shark Tank, Mark Zuckerberg said that the introduction of Instagram to NFTs would happen soon.

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets and can stock assets in digital formats that include images, songs, animated, images, and much more. The ownership of the track is maintained by blockchain.

Instagram Could Let Users Mint Their Own NFTs Within Months

Zuckerberg has also said that he is hopeful that Insta users would be able to mint their own NFTs on the Insta platform within a few months.

I-gram and NFTs have been talked about together before. Adam Mosseri, the Instagram head had confirmed in December that they were diligently looking into NFTs to guarantee that many more people have access to technology. He said that NFTs had much to help creators and explore even as he talked about his own Insta story.

It appears that Insta was already moving ahead on NFTs as last summer Instagram held a ‘Creator Week.’ It was a virtual summit where creators of NFTs were the only invitees.

Insta’s attention and interest in NFTs line up with parent company Meta’s stated objective of crafting a virtually interconnected world and placing NFTs and various other digital assets on Insta.

Zuckerberg is very positive about the integration of Insta and NFTs. But it could turn out to be a challenge for creators not into this technology to accept it readily.

Meta isn’t the first off the mark. Twitter launched its own feature in January this year. The microblogging site facilitates backing for NFT profile pictures for premium users. Twitter can also arrange for Meta to get an entry to its own metaverse.

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