Asa Hutchinson Calls Trump Meeting Up With Holocaust Denier Troubling: Arkansas Gov. Says It Empowers Extremism

Asa Hutchinson
Asa Hutchinson

The Republican Governor of Arkansas. Asa Hutchinson has torn into Trump for meeting white supremacist and Holocaust denier, Nick Fuentes at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. Trump’s indiscretion has earned him the ire of other fellows Republicans including GOP members including Representative James Comer who has said that the former president needs better judgment.

Republicans have piled on the former president for dining with the white supremacist leader and Ye, formerly Kanye West. Asa Hutchinson has said that Trump was empowering extremists. Comer, the ranking GOP member on the Oversight Committee, has said that he wouldn’t have met with the two.

But Trump remains defiant and posted on the Truth Social account, with the controversial former president defending his meeting with the Holocaust denier and the beleaguered rapper. The 45th US president had earlier evoked strong outrage among the Republican leaders when he met the alt-right character. He said that he was helping an embattled man who had been devastated in life and business. He was referring to the troubled Kanye West.

Asa Hutchinson has strongly opposed Trump in the past and found the meeting very troubling. They are among just two of the many Republicans who have come out strongly against Trump even as he recently publicized his decision to go for another term in Washington in 2024.

Donald Trump has said that he did not know about Fuentes before their meeting.

Asa Hutchinson Could Himself Go For The White House

Asa Hutchinson has fueled speculation that he could himself make a bid for the White House in 2024. He said that Trump failed to condemn or even maintain distance from the extreme elements in the GOP.

Asa Hutchinson, a term-limited Gov., has earlier gone after such supremacist groups while serving as a federal attorney in the same state. He said that Trump was not setting a good example when he

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