Ashton Kutcher Endures Taunts From Crowd

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has found the best way to bring several sports fans together for a very common cause. The 43-year-old actor appeared as one of the guest pickers on ESPN’s College GameDay in Iowa, where he endured jeers from the crowd as they chanted ‘take a shower’- a reference to a comical debate that took place between him and his wife Mila Kunis over how frequently show humans take a bath.

As he stepped off his jet at the Jack Trice Stadium in Iowa, he was immediately drowned in the chorus of the fans. The event was quite special for him- he was weighing in on for the University of Iowa, his alma mater, against Iowa State. 

Ashton Kutcher Doesn’t Want To Bather His Kids

While Ashton Kutcher seemed to have a tough time keeping his composure as he took his seat at the pre-game panel, the fans had no such requirement as they chanted raucously. The famous alumni of the University of Iowa chose the Hawkeyes, who were a slight underdog, to upset the Cyclone in this heated rivalry.

Kutcher had previously mentioned on the podcast Armchair Expert that he and his wife didn’t bathe his kids every single day. In his opinion, if they were to find some dirt on them, they would immediately clean it, otherwise, there was no point. 

Ashton Kutcher kept biting the bullet as he plunged on, saying that he didn’t have much hot water when he was a child. And now that he was a successful movie star and a father, he still didn’t bathe his kids ever. As for his own habits, the star of Two and a Half Men mentioned that he would usually throw some water on his face after working out, rather than wash his whole body every day. He did clarify that he would clean his crotch and armpits daily, but that was all. 

Since then, Ashton Kutcher’s discourse has gained some major traction across social media as quite a number of celebrities have been weighing in like Cardi B, Dwayne Johnson, Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Terry Crews, Jason Momoa, and Chris Evans.