Stimulus Check: Here Are 5 States Still Helping Their Residents

stimulus check
stimulus check

Much of the Stimulus Check funding has already been spent, but in states where distribution took longer, some Stimulus Checks will still be distributed as late as 2023. Eight US states will continue to get stimulus cash through 2023, and we’ve compiled a list of them here.

Is A Stimulus Check Being Sent From Your State?


If you lived in Colorado in 2021 and paid your taxes by October 17th, you might still be waiting for your Stimulus Check of up to $1,500 for married couples or $750 for singles. The deadline for receiving rebate checks is January 31st, but it’s possible you won’t receive yours until much later.


The 2022 Special Session reimbursements that were approved in Idaho will be paid out by the end of March 2023. A person’s 2020 income tax or 10% of the rebate, whichever is greater, will be refunded.

“New Jersey”

Renters in New Jersey should get $450 if their annual income is less than $150,000. The deadline for making that transfer is May 20, 2023.


Payments were being made to renters, homeowners, and persons with disabilities in Pennsylvania who were 65 or older; however, because the reporting deadline was December 31, payments would not be made until well into 2023. Although the state’s maximum standard rebate is only $650, the maximum supplementary rebate is 975 dollars. Like Colorado, South Carolina will compensate late filers in March 2023 for taxes submitted between October 17 and February 15.


Potentially, Illinois residents may receive not one, but two rebates in 2023: one for their property taxes and another for their income taxes. For 2021, the 50-to-100 dollar income tax rebate for joint filers will be available only to persons whose adjusted gross income is less than $200,000.