Belfort vs Holyfield: Holyfield Defeated Via TKO In First Round

belfort vs holyfield
belfort vs holyfield

A page was added to boxing history on 11th August, Saturday as the Belfort vs Holyfield took place. The former champions of the UFC and heavyweight champion were all set to duke it out at Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Belfort Vs Holyfield Was Quicker Than Expected

However, the Belfort vs Holyfield match did not last as long as the audience would have liked possibly. Evander Holyfield is only 5 weeks away from turning 59 as he took the stage against Vitor Belfort. Belfort stopped Holyfield in his track in merely 1 minute 49 seconds into the match.

44-year-old Belfort was all over Holyfield from the moment the starting bell was rung. During the entire Belfort vs Holyfield fight, not once did Belfort let up the advantage. Among the spectators were Donald Trump, the former President, sitting in the booth for commentators. Holyfield was once the heavyweight champion as well as a legend in boxing. However, during the Belfort vs Holyfield fight, he put up barely any resistance as he took the ring for the first time since 2011.

Belfort’s series of blows forced Holyfield to fall onto the canvas. After beating the count, Belfort let go of his hands until the referee put an end to the fight. Holyfield was possibly saved a lot of punishment that would have come afterward in the Belfort vs Holyfield match.

In the post-match interview, Belfort was asked if he was remorseful for knocking the 58-year-old Holyfield. However, he said that anyone watching could tell that Evander was trying to knock him out. Instincts are always difficult to forget, and instinct always kickback, according to Belfort. The Belfort vs Holyfield fight was only the 2nd time Belfort was boxing following an illustrious career in the MMA.