Athleta More Female Focused Says Simone Biles: Leaves Nike Ahead Of Tokyo 2020


Simone Biles has proved herself as the best gymnast in the world. But she has also been her fans’ greatest role model and an inspirational leader. She has been an activist against anything hinting at sexism towards women.

That’s a lot to carry on the 19-year-old shoulders. And she proved that she is the first Simone Biles, and not the next Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt when she moved away from Nike to the female-focused Athleta. It further cemented her commitment to women’s cause.

Athleta Is Closer To Biles’ Perspective

She is joining their activewear brand for women. She feels it is more associated with everything she represents. They are more committed to acknowledge and hold up the individual and the combined strength of women.

She believes that together they can support girls to face up to the world with poise and single-minded determination.

Athleta And Biles: A Long Run Together

This enduring partnership between Biles and the women’s activewear manufacturer should freshly envisage the conventional sponsorship model with athletes. The collaboration will focus on the Athleta Girl.

She will join forces with their design team to build up signature products for budding athletes. The Athleta line for girls was started way back in 2016 for girls aged 8 to 12 even as Simone was breaking records in Brazil.

Part Of A Strong And Growing Community

And it is an unexpected turn of good fortune that Simone and Athleta should be together as they head towards Tokyo. Every girl should have a Simone.

Biles will also be actively participating and leading young girls and women and develop the Power of the Fund, established in collaboration with the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Nike has been under severe criticism for not promoting women athletes. There have also been allegations of inappropriate behavior. Biles has never been projected by the brand despite being one of the greatest athletes ever.

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