Athletics’ Matt Olson Hits Eerie Walk-Off Grand Slam In Empty Stadium Vs. Angels

Oakland Athletics’ Matt Olson brings uplifting news after months of the coronavirus pandemic. Olson hit a walk off grand slam home run in the 10th inning of their home opener at the Coliseum in Oakland, on Friday, July 24.

The Oakland Athletics’ and the Angels played their first ever extra innings game where a runner started on second base. It was the first ever this year to feature a walk-off as well.

Matt Olson hit the first Opening Day walk off grand slam since 1986 in the 10th to give the Oakland Athletics’ a 7-3 opening day win.

Matt Olson who is a two time gold glove winner, at the top of the inning, also made a play to prevent a runner advancing to third on a ground ball hit to the right side. It wasn’t just a great play, it was a play that almost no other first baseman would even attempt, much less pull off. 

The 1986 walk off grand slam on opening day was by Jim Presley who did it for the Mariners.