Cleveland Indians Wear Away Jerseys To Home Opener In Honor Of Minority Groups

The Cleveland Indians show solidarity to people of color by removing the word “Cleveland” from their jerseys. The team is also considering a name change to further show their solidarity.

The home jerseys for the team now read “Indians” across in bold big font. The team mentions that awareness is the key and with their little effort they are trying to bring awareness to the entire world that change is due.

All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor says that this move on the part of the team will not only be limited to the baseball community but will impact anyone who watches them play.

Manager Terry Francona, after noting that the league rules may not allow the team to wear these jerseys at home, clarifies that the idea is not to be disrespectful in any way but to establish a point.

The team name has been previously called offensive to indigenous people for its Native American caricature as a logo. However, it was removed completely by 2019.

“We are committed to making a positive impact in our community and embrace our responsibility to advance social justice and equality,” the team said in a statement Friday. “Our organization fully recognizes our team name is among the most visible ways in which we connect with the community.


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