Atlanta Mayor Defends Legal Face-Off With Georgia’s Governor Over Masks

Keisha Lance Bottoms, the Democratic Mayor from Atlanta is tied in a legal battle with Brian Kemp, the Republican governor from Georgia over regulations on Masks. 

On 8th July, Bottoms introduced an executive order making face masks mandatory for everyone going out. Following that, Brian Kemp sued Bottoms saying that the order clashes with his policy that advises people to wear face masks but does not make it mandatory. 

On Tuesday, the court was supposed to hear their case, but it got canceled. Both sides have stated that they are continuing talks and are negotiating. 

Bottoms said that they want to reach a settlement and added that they wish to keep the safety of the people in mind. She added, “what we know from our health professionals is that wearing masks goes a very, very long way in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Brian Kemp has made statements as well saying that a mayor cannot over exceed her position. 

Bottoms spoke with All Things Considered and raised concerns over Atlanta’s soaring COVID-19 positive cases. She said that, given the situation, the state needs to make wearing face masks mandatory. 

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