Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 unboxing video reveals stunning Apple Watch 6 rival

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has been revealed! The much-anticipated smartwatch has been unveiled in a YouTube unboxing video released by The Mobile Central. 

The Youtuber said that the watch was ordered from a Samsung retailer in the United Arab Emirates. 

Samsung’s latest venture looks beautiful with a sleek body and is bronze in color and the strap is a leather one. This smartwatch comes in a minimalist sleek box. There are a USB charging cradle and the company’s documentation inside the box along with the smartwatch. 

The YouTuber can be seen complaining that the watch was a little too small. The answer to that is that Samsung will also introduce a bigger version of this Galaxy watch 3. The bigger version will be 45 mm. 

The smartwatch also comes with black leather straps for both sizes. However, it has not been confirmed yet if there are other colors and strap materials available. 

After the watch sets, various apps will appear on the screen. You can navigate through the apps by twisting the bezel or by swiping. The face of the watch is a simple looking clock. 

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