Obi Toppin Wins Painful All-Star Slam Dunk Contest Over Juan Toscano-Anderson

Obi Toppin

The NBA Slam Dunk contest was, once again, pretty rough but Obi Toppin had the last laugh.

But by the end of the night at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, Obi Toppin became the third New York Knicks player to claim the title to wrap up the All-Star competitions on Saturday night.

Obi Toppin got past Juan Toscano-Anderson in the final of the competition after throwing down a pair of dunks off the glass in the final round.

Toscano-Anderson, who was the first player of Mexican descent to compete, finished second with a 69. His second dunk in the finals didn’t fall, which led to an easy win for Toppin.

The event, which again failed to impress many, was perfectly summed up by TNT analyst Dwyane Wade.

The league provided an incredible panel to judge the competition, as Dominique Wilkins, Isiah Thomas, Clyde Drexler, David Robinson and Julius Erving all sat on the floor to run the show. That, though, didn’t help much.

Obi Toppin Had The Great Show But The Entire Event Was Not So

Cole Anthony tried to get the show going right away and brought out his dad, Greg, with a pair of Timberlands for him to wear — though they took forever for him to actually lace up. While wearing his father’s old New York Knicks jersey, Anthony then missed the first two dunks before finally throwing down the third, which gave him an opening score of 40.

Anthony missed his second round and was wiped out of the competition.

The rest of the first round wasn’t much better, though Toscano-Anderson threw down a windmill over teammate Andrew Wiggins on his first attempt.

Toppin, after barreling into media members and photographers on his first miss, threw down a behind-the-back windmill to get his round started. He then followed it up with an incredible off-the-glass slam to earn his place in the finals.

Jalen Green brought out a prop to end the first round and wore a phone on a necklace showing his own game highlights. Green, though, quickly took it off and then struggled to throw one down for what felt like forever and failed to reach the final.

Toppin’s dunks were undoubtedly impressive. The entire contest, however, was once again largely a dud.