Aubrey O’ Day Defends Herself For Photoshopping Herself With Jesus

Aubrey O' Day

After being accused of photoshopping by a TikToker, Aubrey O’Day responded, saying, “I do not need to justify myself; I have been in this business for almost 20 years, and I have been traveling since I was 7.”

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words, and Aubrey O’Day has a lot of them. The Danity Kane singer and social media celebrity Aubrey O’Day responded to claims that she had faked multiple doctored holiday images on her Instagram profile by cheekily posting a picture of herself with Jesus in heaven.

Aubrey O’ Day Says She Does Not Need To Explain Herself

Aubrey O’ Day addressed the allegation after a TikToker recently shared a since-deleted video questioning the veracity of the singer’s Instagram vacation photographs, which show the Danity Kane star in locations like Bali and Greece.

She defended the modified photographs in a Sunday Instagram post to her more than 950,000 followers by saying that it is “curated like a museum of art.”

Aubrey O’ Day quipped that she “took the PJ [private jet] to Heaven in the last 24 [hours]… wanted to share with you all how lovely it was” in a snapshot she posted on Instagram on August 21 that showed the singer hugging Jesus in front of the pearly gates.

According to the artist, her creativity influences everything she does, even her use of social media. O’Day has posted pictures of herself on Instagram in Bali and other locations, prompting accusations that she steals material from other content producers or merely Photoshops herself into promo shots. A year ago, O’Day announced that she was leaving the United States to begin a “new life” abroad.

Aubrey O’ Day became well-known through the MTV reality program “Making the Band,” which featured vocalists competing for a slot in an upcoming band. Before Sean “Diddy” Combs went to MTV in 2002, the program had its debut on ABC in 2000. O’Day became a member of the female group Danity Kane thanks to Combs’ guidance.