White Lotus Star Aubrey Plaza And Chloe Fineman Make Out In Promo For SNL

Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza

A fresh promotional clip has depicted Aubrey Plaza meeting up with cast member Chloe Fineman where she shared her impressions and a steamy kiss with the SNL star. The 38-year-old star came together for a hot make-out scene with Fineman as an advertisement for her hosting role on the program.

Aubrey Plaza, the star of White Lotus, is to make a debut by hosting the famous sketch comedy show this Saturday. The promo was a departure from the traditional low-key Saturday Night Live promos. The latest clip proved to be even more cinematic and tightly edited.

The promo opens with Fineman showing off her impressions, her calling card of late, which inspired Aubrey Plaza to reveal her impression as she leaned out sharing a passionate bout of kissing as she revealed that hosting SNL was a childhood dream for her.

Aubrey Plaza Gushed About Fineman’s Impressions

Aubrey Plaza gushes that she loved Fineman’s impression after Chloe asked her about her latest job at hosting even as she chatted in the audience bleachers.

Aubrey Plaza gushed that Drew Barrymore was her favorite after her heady dialogue on the daytime talk show. Chloe perfectly mimicked Drew Barrymore’s voice and her facial expression as she uttered, “O, my God, that is so sweet.”

Aubrey Plaza replied slyly to Fineman that she was not alone in doing a perfect impression of the Hollywood star. She promptly drew her impression of the star.

But then instead of going for something humorous or light, she went for one of Marcia Harden’s impassioned and brutal monologues from Pollock, the 2000 drama starring Ed Harris in a brilliant reprisal of the Jackson Pollock, the expressionist abstract painter.

She screamed out the lines, “We are painters, Pollock. We do not have money.” Fineman seemed taken aback at the ferocity of the dialogues.

But then the mood turned hot, and the music faded out even as the janitor paused in his work to watch the two women making out above him on the bleachers.