America Got Ukraine’s Back


America has sent army and war weapons for Ukraine’s protection before, and for that Russian threat became regular. And the country won’t be bowing down before Russia anytime soon. They have covered the parts of the country which Russia could use as a loophole to enter. The newest military aid for Ukraine is worth $2.5 billion. And many new things have been added to the list.

Is Ukraine Blessed To Have America By Its Side? Or Just Buying Them With Early Christmas Gifts?

The newest package has not been announced officially but sources said America is preparing for something big. And asked to stay tuned for more surprises. If they are providing Ukraine with another security package, is yet to be revealed. They are being supplied with armored Bradley fighting vehicles, stryker combat vehicles, and mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles(MRAPs). They have already sent 500 of these to Ukraine.

Strykers are lighter and more useful on the battlefield. America must be preparing Ukraine for War. Russia started in 2022 february, and since then they have killed innocent people in that country without any hesitation.

The official announcement hasn’t been made so there are apparently more tanks and armored vehicles from France and Germany. These two European countries stepped up to provide assistance to their neighboring country. And to the source, Ukraine has specifically asked for these.

The Baltic State’s officials have been in touch with Washington for a long time, probably bagging some ideas and weapons. Kyiv has asked for more modern tanks, and they are bracing for more ambushes from Russia. America is yet to disclose the largest military package of all time which is worth $3 billion, even bigger than the last one, which is worth $1.85 billion.

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