Baltimore Orioles’ Losing Streak On The Road Continues With Cleveland Indians

baltimore orioles
baltimore orioles

Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Indians managed to make a 2 RBI which Baltimore Orioles’ fielding blunders made possible. As a result, the Cleveland Indians added to the losing streak on the road of the Orioles that now stands at 16 consecutive games. On Monday, the Baltimore Orioles had lost 3-4.

Baltimore Orioles Just Cannot Win Away From Home

However, it was not a completely positive night for the Indians as the team lost Shane Bieber to a strain on his shoulder. It is unknown how long the current winner of the American League Cy Young award will be out for. Bieber’s name featured on the list of injured players. It is fairly certain that he will not be able to come anywhere near baseball for 14 days at least.

Baltimore Orioles’ woes started right from the 1st innings. Dean Kremer’s pitch was driven by Ramirez. Then DJ Stewart, Baltimore Orioles’ fielder on the left could not stay upright as the grass was wet. So a normal fly was dropped. Then, Ramirez got 2 more RBIs in the 6th inning when Stevie Wilkerson could not keep a hold of Ramirez’s foul pop.

Meanwhile, Nick Sandlin, the rookie reliever of the Indians, picked up the first win in his career. He faced 5 batters, out of which he struck out 3.

The match was delayed by an hour because of rain. But that did not help Orioles in looking to end their away losing streak. The team has lost every away game since 5th May when John Means had managed a no-hitter against the Seattle Mariners.

However, it is still not the worst that has happened in the current season. Texas had lost 16 as well between 10th May and 11th June. Arizona is currently on a 20 match losing streak.