T-Mobile Recently Suffered A Breach In Its Data


T-Mobile, the second-largest mobile carrier in the United States has suffered a terrible breach in its data. This has resulted in around 100 million records going for sale on a dark website. The data of the customers have been proven to be quite sensitive, with the Motherboard part of Vice’s magazine looking towards verifying it with a sampling of it. Unfortunately, the sampling contained accurate Social Security numbers as well as driver’s license numbers which were surrounded by several other pieces of extremely personal information. 

T-Mobile Experiences Massive Breach in Data

Currently, T-Mobile has been trying to investigate this particular breach in its data, while waiting to confirm the full extent of the information which has been exposed till now. Nevertheless, independent reporting has indicated that the customers should assume the worst by now while looking for steps to protect themselves. As of the second quarter of this year, the company had around 104 million customers, so it is assured that the breach in data will be hampering almost everyone who has used the mobile carrier. 

Incidentally, T-Mobile did go about and issue an update on the morning of 18th August where it confirmed that around 47 million customers of the mobile carrier were impacted- which also included former subscribers.  By now, the company has gone ahead and simply issued just a preliminary analysis while confirming that around 7.8 million current customers of the mobile carrier have their Social Security number as well as their driver’s license number exposed with the data breach. 

T-Mobile stated that it was processing additional information, with the possibility that this could just be the tip of the iceberg and things could go further south. Jack Chapman, the VP of Threat Intelligence at Egress has personally highlighted several threats that the customers of this carrier can expect. 

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