Bam Margera Promises To Stop Alcohol Consumption

Bam Margera
Bam Margera

Bam Margera has claimed that he no longer drinks alcohol- while there have been allegations that he is now a meth addict. The 43-year-old mentioned that for the sake of Phoenix the wolf, he would stop drinking- where Phoenix refers to his 5-year-old son that he has had with his estranged wife Nicole Boyd.

In February, his estranged wife had filed for separation after believing that Margera had been hanging around their child while he was under the influence. Later, Margera claimed that she had even refused him visitation until he got properly clean. The Instagram post from Margera was accompanied by a photo where it looked like he was holding onto a bottle of alcohol. 

Bam Margera Is Going To Stop Drinking For His Son’s Sake

In another post, Bam Margera- who has been in rehab quite a few times in 2022- also responded to the claims made by his brother that he was high on meth- after the two had already got into a physical altercation, and the drummer had pressed charges for physical assault. This Instagram post was accompanied by a photo where Bam was standing outside of an Urgent Care and was flipping the camera off and he held something that looked suspiciously like drug test results. The caption read that Margera’s brother had made false allegations about the Jackass alum being on meth. Soon after, he took his lawyers to get tested for drugs. 

Later, it was claimed by Bam Margera that the entire drug test was negative. The accusation by Jess, his brother, came after Bam had allegedly assaulted the CKY drummer on 23rd April near Pocopson Township in Pennsylvania. After assaulting him, Bam had fled for three days before he decided to turn himself in.