Lindsey Graham’s Take On The Capitol Riot Issue

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

The floor of the US Senate has been used up as a platform concerning the issues related to Donald Trump, the former president of the United States of America. What is being discussed for the last couple of days is the violent riot that took place in the Capitol building. The same is being discussed over Twitter by Lindsey Graham and other politicians. Also, there are managers of the impeachment of the former President, Trump.

Lindsey Graham Vs Other Public Figures

The video of the riot is used up to make the case against Donald Trump. The video covers all the horrific details of the incident that took place back in the month of March. From the rioters breaking in the Capitol building, surrounding and laying hands on the officers of law enforcement and the shooting that took place inside the building, the video covers it all. However, the way it is perceived is different. Senator Lindsey Graham’s reaction was far from getting horrified.

The Senator from South Carolina put the blame on the police of the Capitol building. He gave a statement claiming he blames the presentation that took place this Wednesday. Lindsey Graham used the word “mad” to describe his feelings after having watched the video.

He made it clear that it was the right of the law enforcement officers to make the use of force to suppress the rioters. However, they did not do it. The Senator stated the whole of the United States of America was let down by those officers. Senator Lindsey Graham stated that they did not carry out their responsibility as the protectors of the Capitol building. This statement of his is undoubtedly attacked by a lot of public figures over social media.

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