Formula 1 Picks, Race Time, And Odds- From Proven Models

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It has come to the forefront that Red Bull Racing has turned out to be the most dominant force in the Formula 1 circuit. After they have already won the first three races of the new season, they have their eyes set on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The Baku City Circuit is a 20-turn, 3.73-mile track that gets around the capital of the country. The city first hosted the event in 2016 with the European Grand Prix and since then has hosted the Azerbaijan Grand Prix since 2017. There have already been six different winners over the iterations, so one can honestly expect a new winner this time around as well. 

Azerbaijan Grand Prix Formula 1 Race- Who To Back?

The Formula 1 green flag will drop at 7 am ET, and the two-time defending F1 champion Max Verstappen runs the -275 favorite seed in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix odds from Caesars Sportsbook. The champion has already secured two out of the three races this season- along with 17 of the previous 25 F1 events, and he is also the defending Azerbaijan Grand Prix winner. Out of all the predictions made during this Grand Prix, there has been a massive shocker- the model is fading Lewis Hamilton.

Without any shred of doubt, Hamilton is one of the greatest drivers ever, but he and his sponsor Mercedes have been touching upon a few rough patches over the last couple of seasons. After losing the world championship to Verstappen in the final lap in 2021, Hamilton hasn’t secured a win anywhere. 

According to the Formula 1 stats, he has already gone through 26 consecutive starts now without any victory of sorts- which has been the longest drought in his career.